Training and Apprenticeships

“The Advanced Apprentice programme was such a great way for me to build my skills. It meant I could grow within the team. With so much support in training and leadership, KFC has inspired me to aim for higher goals in my career.”

Team Leader

We're passionate about learning

Time to learn

It's not about where you are today, but where you're heading in life. So we give everyone the opportunity to progress in the direction they want to go, with the training to help them do it.

We pride ourselves on our training and development programmes at KFC. It's an important part of our culture, and whether you're based in the kitchen or the boardroom, there's always the chance to grow. Our courses make sure everyone gets an opportunity to build on what they know and learn even more.


We're so committed to training and development, we want to be recognised as an industry leader. So every restaurant has a dedicated learning space with all the right technology to back it up. Our e-learning system is an online training platform accessible to everyone in the business – regardless of what level you are at. It's designed to support the development of everyone at KFC, bringing together all our training programmes and resources in one location.

We can help you study

If you want to go to college or gain a professional qualification, we can help with flexible working hours.

Advanced Apprenticeships

We are the first restaurant company to work with City and Guilds to create an Advanced Apprentice scheme. The final qualification is worth an A level in Maths and English and is offered to Team Members who want to move into a management role. Right now we have 450 Apprentices in the Advanced Apprenticeship programme. Our vision is to grow that to 5,000 by 2015.

We're also working hard to get our restaurant's training accredited so that our staff will have the chance to grow their careers by taking part in an externally recognised training scheme.

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