Fillet Burger Meal

All chicken and nothing else

The best things in life are simple, just like our Chicken Fillet Burger. It's only made with 100% breast fillet and then coated with our 11 herbs and spices. There's some mayonnaise and lettuce too. But that's about it, unless you're counting the fries and drink on the side.

Lighten up your meal

It's easy to lighten up with our range of
tasty sides. Like, swapping your fries for
BBQ beans will save 159 calories. Nice!

Red Tractor means happy

A lot of TLC comes with this endorsement. That little...

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So, what's in your meal?

Here's a nutritional breakdown of the meal.
You can add and remove items to match say, a diet or any kind of allergy you might have.

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