We're growing

KFC is the biggest chicken-based Quick Service Restaurant in the world. We have over 800 restaurants throughout the UK and Ireland. But we're not stopping there. We want to grow and we'd love to hear about any new opportunities.

What are we looking for?

Over the next five years we want to increase not just the number of KFC restaurants, but the pace at which we open them so our fans can always be the sure that the great taste of our food is never too far away. The kind of place that makes a great KFC can be found in food courts, on high streets and in retail parks. Our restaurants can be as small as an Express counter and as large as a two storey unit or drive thru. And when we look at sites we always have in mind what sort of impact they might have on the local community and how we can give our customers the best restaurant experience possible.

Do you know anywhere suitable?

If so, the easiest way to find out about all our requirements is on our development site. This is www.kfc-development.co.uk/

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