Myths about KFC Myths about KFC

MYTH: KFC Uses Mutant Chickens

This is the granddaddy of KFC myths. You’ve probably seen it on your Timeline, with that horrible photoshopped picture of a chicken with no feathers. But shame on you if you thought it was true! We’re sorry to break it to you – it’s absolute BS. Come to think of it, we’re not sorry at all. KFC chicken is 100% real and sourced from trusted farms that are Red Tractor standard or higher. Every single farm is regularly checked, in fact we have auditors out in farms every single week of the year, and not one of them has yet reported seeing a mutant chicken. What’s more, we get our chicken from the same farms that supply the major supermarkets here in the UK and Ireland so the only thing that’s unbelievable about our chicken is how good it tastes.