From our teams on the fryers to those in head office, KFC UKI is a 27,000-strong family. And we’re here to support every single one of them.


Colonel Sanders always prided himself on ‘feeding truck drivers and millionaires at the same table.’ And that commitment to diversity and inclusion is still at the heart of everything we do today. Our doors are open to absolutely everyone – and we’re proud of our incredibly diverse restaurant teams all over the country. 

We're also committed to being open and transparent on our journey towards diversity, equity and inclusion - for instance, you can read our latest Gender Pay Gap report here.

We’ve recently partnered with Brixton Finishing School to launch a Marketing Internship, which offers hands-on experience to young talents from underrepresented groups. Find out more.


We believe in a world where all LGBTQ+ people can live and love freely.

That’s the reason we established our annual Kentucky Fried Pride week, which takes place each August. This year, our wonderful team members celebrated and shared their stories across our KFC family – and as our guests, you may have noticed them wearing special Pride Pins, or expressing their individuality by wearing their own colours.

As well as that, we’re really focused on fully embedding inclusion within our business, and are the first in our sector to partner with Stonewall on their Diversity Champions scheme. There’s lots for us to do, but they’re really helping us on our journey and working with us to review all the relevant policies across our Head Office and the restaurants we operate. You can find out more here.


To keep everyone safe in our restaurants during Covid, we’ve introduced heightened training and safe-working practices – you can find out more about them here. We’ll always put the safety of our teams and guests first.


Happy people make better chicken. That’s a scientific fact. And it’s why our Employee Assistance Programme aims to make sure every single person at KFC feels supported, comfortable and motivated at work, with access to support and info on a number of key issues – such as financial guidance, emotional support and telephone counselling. 

And throughout Covid, our Sharing Bucket Fund has been helping our teams who need it most with food vouchers.


Many of our teams join KFC at the start of their working lives – we have been the ‘first job’ of thousands of young people. We take that responsibility seriously, and we passionately believe in the value of jobs in hospitality. Restaurants are the perfect training ground for personal growth and social mobility, by teaching teamwork, and building self-esteem and confidence.

There’s a clear pathway to the top too, with many team members reaching Restaurant Manager in just a few years. There aren’t many businesses where you can progress to running a large restaurant and managing a team of 40 in your early twenties. But our commitment to training has helped that happen for so many within KFC. We’re passionate about providing the right training and development opportunities – so whether you’re with us part-time or full time, every day can be a school day.

Although you may not see KFC on University Challenge any time soon, since 2013, we've partnered with De Montfort and Glasgow Caledonian Universities to offer recognised degrees in Business Management to all of our KFC team members. We also offer a range of apprenticeships too. To date, over 1,000 students have graduated from our programmes all over the UK, something we're really proud of.


If you fancy taking on the challenge, becoming part of our family and joining our global brand then come and take a look!


Born in Indiana in 1890 and left home at 13 to seek his fortune. Read all about the Colonel's story here.



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