Better Chicken Commitment

The clue is in the name – KFC’s all about the chicken. And we know us Brits all love our chicken – but increasingly people want to know that our chickens have had the best possible care from day one.

That’s why when it comes to chicken welfare, we don’t wing it. Instead, we’ve become the first of our peers to sign up to the Better Chicken Commitment.

The what?

The Better Chicken Commitment doesn’t mess about. It lays out six ambitious goals for farms and suppliers to meet to help transform chicken’s lives for the better.

KFC’s Better Chicken Commitment

So… what are they?

Well, it means creating even more space (to run around) in our barns, moving towards slower-growing breeds, introducing more natural features such as hay and pecking objects, and even stricter auditing processes. Sounds good, right?

But we’re not stopping there. We want others in the industry to do the same and are calling them to sign up too. While we’d love to be able to do it all on our own, it’s hard for us to have full control as we don’t own the farms we buy from and only represent about 4% of the UK chicken market. So even though we might be the kings of fried chicken, we’re only a small part of the jigsaw compared to our industry peers collectively.

That’s why we’ll be working with suppliers and some of the biggest animal welfare NGOs including World Animal Protection and Compassion in World Farming in a combined effort to raise industry standards across the board.

Signing up to the European Chicken Commitment isn’t just a box-ticking exercise for us, we’re doing this because we truly believe it’s the right thing to do. Chicken is our business and we’ve a responsibility as the number one chicken restaurant to work with our farms and make sure we’re always pushing improvements to chicken welfare standards across our supply chain.

We hope others can join us.



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