Snack Box Original Recipe

The little legend

Sometimes 100% chicken breast fillet, 11 herbs and spices and fries is all you need to tide your hunger over.

Streetwise® Snack Box: Original Recipe Per Serving %RI
kJ 3610.00 43%
kCal 860.00 43%
fat 43.60 62%
saturates 7.00 35%
carbs 90.60 35%
sugars 1.20 1%
protein 31.10 62%
salt 1.18 20%
  kJ kCal fat (g) saturates (g) carbs (g) sugars (g) protein (g) salt (g)
Streetwise® Snack Box: Original Recipe 3610.00 860.00 43.60 7.00 90.60 1.20 31.10 1.18
%RI 43% 43% 62% 35% 35% 1% 62% 20%

*GDA = Guideline Daily Amount

Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 kcal diet for women. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Nutritional value totals displayed above are rounded up to the nearest whole number. Energy totals are rounded up to the nearest five.

**Based upon four people sharing n/a on a single meal offer.

Price may vary based on the altering of your meal.

*Data above derived by analysis and are averages of composite food samples. Products may be subject to some variation depending on ingredients used, supplier & seasons of the year. Therfore products described above may not be idential to the product served in a participating restaurant. Calorie information for Total per person are rounded up to the nearest 5. All information given above is correct as of Feb 2012 and subject to change without notice.

*Nut Allergy- None of our products contain nuts as an ingredient, however some of our manufacturers produce products containing nuts on their production site. Therefore due to possible cross contamination risk we cannot declare that our products are free from nuts or their derivatives.

*Our research shows that UK customers don't want genetically modified foods in KFC products; so naturally, we have ensured none of our products contain genetically modified ingredients.

*The nutritional values of our Original Chicken on the Bone are averages of the different piece types.


Even before the Public Health Responsibility Deal, we were the first fast food chain in the UK to stop salting our fries—so it's your choice whether to add salt yourself, and how much.



We were the first fast food restaurant to gain Red Tractor certification for welfare and food safety in the UK — in fact all our suppliers worldwide meet or exceed these standards.



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