Your KFC Data Explained

What we sayin’?

Well, everything else we do is mouthwatering, so we thought we’d make your personal data rights easier to swallow, too.

That includes breaking down how we use your data, from how you get your finger lickin’ rewards on the KFC app, to making sure you don’t get ads on products you may not be into – whether you’re all over Original or Zing’s more your thing.

Who’s sayin’ it?

We sure ain’t royal, so who is the “we” that’s delivering this data Notice?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Great Britain) Limited: KFC for short. But in the Notice, we might get even shorter with "us" or "we". This covers the data we control from our website, the KFC app, and any newsletters or marketing you may have been hungry enough to sign up for. We also cover somecrackin’ KFC stores in the UK and Ireland, which we own and operate.

Our franchisees: Stores run by our franchisees are owned independently. So they’re responsible for their own data protection compliance, too. But if you’d like to chat to any of our franchisees about their privacy practices, just give them a shout directly.

What data we collectin’ and how we usin’ it?

In a nutshell, we scoop our data when you interact with us online. When you’re browsing our website, using our KFC app, having a lol at our social media, connecting to instore WiFi or placing online orders. This info is then used to help keep our systems ticking over, improve your experience and bring you better ads and promotions.

A lot of the info you give us requires your full consent for us to use it, but some is essential for our services. For example, we need to remember what you chose on our online menu, or you won’t be getting what you ordered. No one wants that. We also use the info you give us to help our business do a better job, like analysing the tastes of our customers so we can keep coming up with products you’ll love – lookin’ at you Double Down.

To suss out more about the data we collect from you, how we use it, how to opt-out of marketing, get a copy of your data or change our use of it, hit up our full privacy policy. There’s loads to chew over, including exactly how we get data from your online orders, our website or social media.

Who we sharin’ your info with?

This is the big one, right? Let’s make it crystal. We only share your data with companies who provide services to us. This means the folk who process our payments, develop and update our app, do our deliveries, analyse data and carry out research. All of which help us provide and improve the tasty service we bring to you.

For an in-depth explanation of exactly who we share your data with, please head over to the full privacy policy.

How to stop notices ‘bout future offers?

This one’s easy. If you’d rather live a life void of generous offers and delicious new recipes, all you have to do is contact us at or the postal address given at the bottom of this Notice. Don’t forget to tell us your full name and address or email address. Or you can click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email or SMS messages we’ve sent your way.

What other rights you got?

Hey, everyone’s allowed to change their mind. So whenever we’ve asked for your consent to use info (like your location in our store locator) you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. You also have the right to ask for a copy of your personal data, correct, delete or restrict the processing of it. It’s up to you.

But just keep in mind these rights may be limited if your request would reveal personal data about someone else, or if you ask us to delete info which we are required to keep by law.

If this still leaves you wanting more, you can feast on our full Privacy and Cookie Notice which has got buckets of delightful data details.

How long we keepin’ your data?

Just like in our fine-lookin’ restaurants, we clean up on the regular. So we’ll only keep your personal data for as long as we need it. And as soon as we don’t, it’ll be deleted or made anonymous. If for any reason we can’t delete your data, we’ll guard it just as safely as our top secret Original Recipe and delete it ASAP.

Love the sound of cold, hard numbers? Treat yourself in our full privacy policy.

What about Cookies n’ stuff?

Nope, not the sweet doughy kind (although ours are kinda worth talking about too). We use tracking tech, including Cookies, to keep note of which of our pages you visit the most and how long you hang out there. This helps us understand how you use our site, keeps things running smoothly, helps us design stuff and makes sure we’re serving up more interesting things online and social media so we don’t put you to sleep.

But we couldn’t do all that without your consent and you can manage or withdraw any Cookies or tracking technologies whenever you fancy. And if you haven’t had your fill of Cookies, tuck into our privacy policy.

How can you holla at us?

Got any questions about our Notice? Or want to find out more about the use of your personal data? No worries – just give us a shout on the form below and we’ll serve up some answers.


Post: KFC Care Squad, 250 Airbles Road, Motherwell, Ml1 3AT

Call: 0345 753 2532 for United Kingdom or (+44) 345 753 2532 for Republic of Ireland



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