Kentucky BBQ Pulled Chicken Box Meal

The great BBQ flavour from Kentucky

Bring it on!

Deluxe Boneless Feast

The boneless family favourite

Let me at it!

Kentucky BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger

A taste of the South

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Our Chicken

We're committed to animal welfare standards and supporting the UK and Irish farming industries. We follow responsible and sustainable sourcing practices, buying from more than 500 British and Irish poultry farms.

  • Farm to Fork

    Keeping our supply chain short and simple means we can trace every chicken from barn to bargain bucket.

  • High Standards

    Our barn-reared chickens have plenty of space to roam and we were the first fast food restaurant to gain Red Tractor certification for welfare and food safety in the UK.

  • KFC Welfare Standards

    Our Standard covers all stages of production, from breeding to slaughter and all our suppliers are committed to the commonly accepted Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare.

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