Our Philosophy

At KFC we believe in serving fresh proper food, packed with finger lickin’ flavour

Our chicken is freshly prepared in our restaurants each day, then breaded by hand under the watchful eye of one of our trained cooks. Our hot side dishes are cooked fresh in restaurant, and our salads and burgers are made on demand each day using only fresh produce. We say no to nasties, and have no artificial colours, flavour additives or trans fats in any of our food. We also insist on full nutritional transparency (except for the Colonel’s iconic secret recipe of course!) every time, and in every way, we talk to our customers.

Our Commitment

At KFC we know that people are more concerned than ever about eating well. So as part of our long running nutrition strategy, we are working towards a 20% reduction in calories per serving by 2025. This is the equivalent of wiping off 57 billion calories from KFC menus across the country.

It’s an ambitious goal but we have the plans in place to make it happen. Here’s a taste of what this means:

New Dishes

By 2020, we will introduce several more lunch and dinner dishes under 600 calories, in line with Public Health England’s latest guidance. This includes introducing new protein boxes, expanding our range of five-a-day sides and launching only low or zero calorie carbonated soft drinks. We will even be testing a new vegetarian offering as a tasty alternative to our famous fried chicken later this year!

Recipe Improvements

We have been working to reduce the salt, fat, sugar and calories in our recipes for several years. This includes reducing salt by as much as 50% across our menu, cutting saturated fat levels in our frying oil by 10%, and slashing calories in our drinks. We will continue looking at new opportunities in this area, with a national trial of thicker, tastier, healthier fries currently underway.

Behavioural Changes

We will trial a series of initiatives to make the healthier choice the easy choice. Working with a series of partners, we will trial a behavioural change programme to ‘nudge’ KFC fans towards lighter choices. This will include a series of trials focused on raising awareness and understanding of nutritional information and pricing, and encouraging customer to switch to healthier sides as an alternative to fries and choose low or zero calorie drinks

The Practical Bit

At KFC we understand how important it is to make sure that nutritional and allergen information is quick and easy to find in our restaurants and online, so you can check before you order. Please download our Nutrition and Allergen Guide or contact the restaurant directly for full information.